domingo, junho 01, 2014

Saving Parts - IR Stage

My neighbor threw away an old TV, I took the opportunity to save some pieces.
Among them, I found the Infra Red receiver module (remote control).

The module consists of a infrared receiver and a circuit based on IC TDA3047.

The interface consists of 3 signals, VCC, GND and Data.
When powering the module with 5 VDC, we can read the pulses on Data pin with the Arduino.

With IRremote library available on the Arduino, you can capture the pulse values ​​(RAW) or in hexadecimal.

It is also possible to capture the pulses, and plot it, using Octave or GNUPlot software.
For this, I used the code available here:

The output of my cd player remote control can be seen below:

From the old remote control, I took the 2 IR LEDs and 1 transistors BC556 and created the IR transmitter to the Arduino.

Arduino IR Repeater

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